Meat Chickens

When the chicks arrive on our farm, they are 1 or two days old. They are cute as a button!!

They are put in the brooder where they are monitored very closely for the first few days.  We make sure the temperature in the brooder stays between 90-95 degrees for the first week.  The temperature is then slowly lowered until they are at ambient temperature.  We monitor the weather very closely during their 3rd week.  At the end of the 3rd week, they are moved to their outside home.  They are placed in a chicken tractor that is on grass.  The chicken tractor is moved daily so they are on fresh grass every day.  They are very excited in the morning as we move them onto new grass.  They can’t wait to peck and scratch the grass like a chicken is supposed to.  These chickens grow extremely fast.

James and his cousins moving the 3 week old chicks out to Pasture.  They will live there in a "Chicken Tractor."  This allows the birds to be out in the sun.  The tractor is moved every morning, so that they have fresh grass daily.  They are able to eat grass and bugs all day long!

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