Chicken Eggs

What is the difference between "Store" bought eggs and farm fresh eggs?

Just about everything!

The chickens on our farm are given ample area to roam around and forage.  A "store" bought chicken egg can be housed in a tiny area with little room to move and no available sunlight.  This does a couple of things.  First our chickens forage eating bugs and grass all day and are just supplemented with pellet feed.  The yolks of a farm fresh egg are darker and richer in color.  The yolk will also not break as easy while cooking.  Farm fresh eggs will have more nutritional value, as eggs lose their nutritional value over time.  Our Eggs are never more than 2 weeks old when you purchase them.  When baking with these eggs you will notice a huge difference in taste and texture of your baked goods.  They will be moister, lighter, and fluffier than what you are used to.  

The eggs are collected daily, by James.  He has been doing this since he was about 5 years old.  They are rinsed off and placed in the refrigerator.    They are ready for sale the next day.  We sell them for $4.00/dz.  

James collecting eggs

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